Egon Schiele 
the green hand (1910)


The Cure // Siamese Twins

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Imagine B&R (a beautiful place I’ll be reading my poetry at Friday) got my name wrong?? Like completely wrong? Like, its not even my name, like the name they put down doesn’t even share one letter of my actual name??

Its weird because I remember telling Don exactly want my name was and spelling it out and everything, we had a pretty long talk too!
Maybe he felt my name wasn’t my name and gave me a new one?

Im not gonna make a big deal over it. I dont want to sound like an asshole and say “uh you got my name wrong” I think I’m just gonna go with it.


Adam Lupton1; 20 More One Mores

Koi fish swimming in a circle


Julia Brown | library


I’m only here to fall apart
you’ve been angry from the start

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i haven’t hung out with anyone 

cause if i did i wouldn’t know what to say

i didn’t feel angry or depressed

i didn’t feel anything at all

i didn’t want to go to bed and and i didn’t want to stay awake

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dogs love you, cats love you, drugs love you sometimes.
you love someone, you loved another, you don’t love sometimes.
you sit still at weddings, you sit quiet at funerals, you wonder if it’s your fault —
that they’re marrying, that they’ve left, that everythings too much sometimes.