“Self-Portait with Raised Bare Shoulder" (detail), 1912, Egon Schiele. Taken by me at the Leopold Museum, Vienna.


i hope aliens aren’t sad. i hope they’re okay


Turns out the jellyfish can’t go in a regular fish tank because they get sucked into the filtration intakes and liquefied. In this tank, however, the water flow is carefully designed so jellies do not get sucked into pump intakes. The tanks do not contain any rocks, plants or other fish that could damage the delicate tissue of the jellyfish. The aesthetic style is a display of modern minimalism that is very distinct from a regular fish tank.  Yes, all of our jellyfish are saltwater species.
Contrary to popular belief, a saltwater aquarium is not any more difficult to maintain than a freshwater aquarium. It requires only a few extra minutes every two weeks to measure and adjust the salinity. 
A jellyfish tank is easier to maintain than a regular fish aquarium. Jellyfish have a lower metabolism than fish so only small filtration units are required for jellyfish. Additionally, jellyfish tanks do not have any rocks, plants or corals, which are difficult to prune and clean. The jellyfish must be fed once a day and 25% of the water must be changed every two weeks. 
The package comes with custom LEDs that cause the translucent jellyfish to glow. Colored lights can be used to make the jellyfish glow different colors.


and it’s hard to be a human being
and it’s harder as anything else
and i’m lonesome when you’re around
and i’m never lonesome when i’m by myself
and i miss you when you’re around

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"Now that I know that every time I get sad you just hate me
You can go to sleep and sleep it off peacefully
I’ll be here all night feeling totally fucked
Wondering what tomorrow will be like and staying up
I guess I just make myself the victim like you said
That’s why when you treat me shitty you get mad
It all makes sense now, thanks so much
Goodbye forever what the fuck”

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We can keep in touch if that’s what you want.
You can call me too if that’s what friends do.
It’s not more than one, if that’s what you thought.
You’d say I don’t have much room for you,
But I do.

I could stay inside if that’s what you want.
I won’t say a word for a day or two.
When I’m in my room I know what to do about you.

I can sleep,

When I get home I am kept from every room in the house
I’ll walk down the hall where you have gone
to feel the way it felt again.

I am what you need when you can’t find it somewhere else.
I am what you want when you don’t want anything else.

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i feel like i am lying in an autumn leaf bed.